Many of today’s complex problems--sustainable development, energy, climate resiliency, food distribution--are faced head on in cities. It is also in and around cities where some of the most innovative solutions to these problems will be formed.

This solutions hub serves many roles around documenting the solutions being generated to overcome urban challenges. First and foremost, it is a place of learning. We’ve gone ahead and scouted out a handful of some of the best solutions already. Read through them and discover how they are making change happen.

After that, go ahead and upload a solution of your own, or any other solutions that you recognize as impactful. We have designed a handful of tools to make this documenting process easy yet powerful.

Finally, share and reuse these solutions as you go about forming change in the future. Between our Boards and Reusable Building Blocks, there are many features in this hub that allow already existing solutions to be transformed into new ones.

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