Impact Technology

A board for collecting ideas and approaches to put technology and tech companies in service of the public good and the change we seek. Also the placeholder for documenting Sphaera itself as a solution and its building blocks. -- Please create additional building blocks or solutions and share them here, or suggest topics for inclusion in the comment stream on the right.

# Articles on transforming technology for good


This is a place where I collect interesting reading and articles on designing technology for impact--products, org structures, ownership, culture, business practices.

Alternative exit strategies


In conventional wisdom, technology firms exit to an acquisition by somebody bigger than them, or to IPO. Neither of these strategies is particularly interesting for impact-first tech firms. This is a placeholder for the alternative exit we are contemplating, with resources to some pertinent examples.

Create a corporate culture that treats employees as people


It's nuts that so many companies treat people as cogs in a machine. Instead, we are creating a corporate culture that treats ourselves as responsible adults who are members of families and the larger community, both of which make legitimate demands on our time. We don't count three flavors of time (work, sick, vacation), and instead develop protocols for goal / outcomes based work planning that allows people to take time away from the office as / when needed.

Micro-finance & Agriculture Social Data Aggregation

Data aggregation2

Ready to use solution for most micro-finance & agriculture funders allows an integrated solution that reduces data collection time and improves outcome. Built-in online applications, reports & scorecards allow your entire team to leverage this well-defined best practices. * Out-of-Box Social & Finance Metrics: Streamlined solution with pre-packaged social and financial metrics ready to be used by most funders. Simply add or remove metrics specific to your need. * Setup Partner & Start Collecting Data: Setup online application to meet each program needs, setup partners and start collecting online and offline data from partners with minimum training. * Build Professional Reports: Out-of-box tested reports designed to - Partner incentive: Partner can download their professional reports - Partner performance improvement - Program reports - Program improvement reports Setup Application Form By Program and Comprehensive History Evaluate Using Built-in Scorecard

Online database of technologies

Registered users can upload their green technology solutions and types of collaborations sought. Contact form to connect directly with the technology provider

Only take capital aligned with your social enterprise's mission

Impact investing

Social entrepreneurs have choices in what capital to seek, and from what sources. Be deliberate about those choices! -- At Sphaera we are targeting social impact funds; individuals who understand the nexus of technology and impact; and foundations as investors for our growth needs.

Social Impact Measurement & Learning Platform

Capacity building

Step By Step Social Impact Accounting With The Best User Experience TurboMetrics is a cloud-based platform designed to speed up your impact data aggregation. Our comprehensive social impact accounting system allows a flexible metrics setup from built-in standards like IRIS and Guide Star, public catalogs, and custom metrics. Turbometrics is suitable for any organization that needs to manage an impact portfolio, assigns program hierarchies and needs to define different metrics to each level. Include means of data validation by specifying reporting formats to simplify analysis, data summation, comparison, and evaluation. Build professional reports tailored to any audience with our platform. Use Scorecard or Social Return on Investment to evaluate your program or granteesĀ“ performance.