Increase spatial social equality in CDMX through programs and projects


It is necessary to preserve, expand, and recover green areas within the city and promote investment in programs such as Green Roofs (Azoteas Verdes), the Urban Image Improvement Program (Programa de Mejora de Imagen Urbana), the Gullies Management Program (Programa de Manejo de Barrancas), and the Environmentally Valuable Areas Management Program (Programa de Manejo de las Áreas de Valor Ambiental). These efforts may be supplemented with environmental education initiatives (such as those of the Center for Environmental Education) that can reinforce the importance of green infrastructure for the city.

This action would help to reduce the deficit of green areas that exists in certain parts of the city. Realization of this goal would increase equality and social cohesion and provide ecosystem services that would improve the quality of life of city inhabitants.


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Organisations Involved