Work to reform FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)


As the city’s coastal communities continue to be threatened by escalating flood risk and rising FEMA NFIP premiums, the City will pursue a comprehensive set of activities to promote investments in physical risk reduction and better policies, including those that promote NFIP affordability. This includes conducting several studies to evaluate recent NFIP changes and their impacts on urban environments, reviewing federal studies while they are being drafted, and working with FEMA to institute reforms based on the results of these studies.

The City wants to be sure the public understands its flood risk and flood insurance purchase requirements, and is already conducting frequent outreach meetings and developing further public education campaign materials for city residents living in and near the floodplain. This flood insurance consumer education campaign seeks to inform as many people as possible about their flood risk through advertisements on public transportation and radio, as well as at community events and through elected officials, with two key messages for consumers: understand your risk and flood insurance purchase requirements and purchase flood insurance.


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