Clean energy micro-grid network


To better prepare the city in the event of a future disaster, we will develop a clean energy micro-grid network. Micro-grids enable a facility or group of facilities to operate autonomously when the main grid is disrupted. They can be powered by clean energy sources, such as solar and backup batteries, can be used to reduce facilities’ electricity consumption during periods of peak demand, and can enhance the stability of the local grid. And unlike a diesel generator, which is only used when the grid is disrupted, a clean energy micro-grid can provide environmental and economic benefits every day, year-round.

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  • Accelerate Access to Reliable and Clean Energy

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    • Microgrid with res bess gridconnected


    • Berkeley’s Resilience Strategy

      Berkeley’s Resilience Strategy – the first in the Bay Area – is designed to advance community preparedness for some of Berkeley’s most pressing physical, social, and economic challenges.

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