Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation


Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation lets stakeholders and intended users be part of the discussion of what constitutes success and allows them to participate in the process of monitoring, reflecting and acting on changes over time. Many methods like Participatory Video, Most Significant Change, Role Playing, Discussion Groups and Outcome Mapping rely on story telling of how things used to be in the past, are currently and visions for the future. A follow up question for a future vision is "How will we know if we've achieved success?", which can lead to a monitoring and evaluation plan. There is a lot of diversity in stories and visions for the future, so it is helpful to work in small groups and recognize heterogeneity.

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  • Build a Farmer Research Network
  • Evaluating FRN
  • Fundation Valles FRN: working with PAR in Bolivia

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