People-Led Development


"People-led development refers to 'a creative, self-initiated, self-organised process within which people work individually and collectively with their own indigenous knowledge, local resources and local cultures to bring about change in their families, communities and the world, promoting peaceful, diverse and sustainable realities'.

People-led development, then, is processual. Rather than specific outcomes, it aims to support processes that allow farmers to create their own goals and achieve their own diverse outcomes. In Kenya, fieldworkers of the ARDP of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru have been involved with supporting people-led development since 2009. ARDP field officers have challenged themselves to become learners rather than experts; they support and promote the innovation, leadership and agency of farmers, forest dwellers and pastoralists. The people became the experts, who work together, learn from each other, support and teach one another as they struggle to change the realities of their lives. The farmers, forest dwellers and pastoralists have formed groups within which they initiate, design and implement activities using an annual action plans."

Wright S. 2013. Mundu ainaga na gatiru gake, we dance with what we have. Langscape 2(12). p 26-33.

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