Typologies for Ensuring Farmer Inclusion


One of the principles for farmer research networks is that farmers that represent the social and biophysical diversity of their communities participate in the whole research process, and also that suitable options are generated for diverse agro-ecological and social contexts. But how do we know what the range of farmers and contexts is? In order to get refined options for different farmer contexts, we need tools to understand these different contexts. Farmer typologies can help to identify the different categories of farmers in a community or region, with the ultimate goal of including as broad a range as possible both in the research and in the knowledge sharing and scaling processes.

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  • Best Bets FRN: Farmer-Centred Experimentation and Extension
  • Build a Farmer Research Network
  • Core Four process for addressing problems and opportunities
  • FUMA Gaskiya FRN: Research by a farmers' organization

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