Create neighborhood spaces dedicated to advancing women’s health


The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) will explore enhancing its Neighborhood Health Hubs (described further in goal on Integrated Government & Social Services) with designated space for women’s health promotion. Located in seven low-income, underserved areas, these hubs would provide access to comprehensive women’s health and baby-friendly care, which would help address infant mortality. Possible features include space for supportive group work (e.g., parenting support and coaching, smoking cessation), and exercise studios and equipment. In addition, the space would support healthy birth outcomes by reducing stress and providing a physical space for women to breastfeed, rest, exercise, and connect with each other. These structural supports are often missing in communities with poor birth outcomes and high infant mortality rates. City programming in these spaces would also provide women with information and resources they need to stay healthy before, during, and after pregnancy, and offer them the support their young infants need.

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