Franchised Business Model


This solution delivers its innovation via a franchised business model. This means that there must be proper financial incentives and business potential in the product to make it desirable to franchise operators. Franchising allows for a greater expansion of impact than otherwise happen in a top-down business structure. It also grants increased independence to the individual franchise operators.

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  • Container-Based Sanitation Solution: Sanergy
  • Deploying a "Water ATM"

  • Additional Information

    An example of a successful franchise business model is with Sanergy's Fresh Life toilets. These toilets aren't sold as stand-alone products but rather a product combined with a business plan and financing. The purchases of the this package assume full time roles as Fresh Life Operators (FLOs). They are placed in charge of keeping their facilities clean and collecting revenue from customers. In turn they provide a well above average imcome for themselves.


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