Farm to School Showcase

This solution addresses global industrial food system in North America for local food suppliers and school food buyers.

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Problem Description

The global industrial food system is optimized for profitability, efficiency and yield, and therefore fails to effectively factor in human health and wellbeing, community economic development, and long-term stewardship of the resources we need to survive and thrive.

Building Blocks


In 2014, Ecotrust provided a scholarship to a farmer to attend the Farm to School Showcase. He had never attended such an event, but was interested in learning more about the school food market. Here's what he had to say in the weeks following the event: "I want you to know that we appreciate the work you did for our booth at the Farm to School conference... We received a lot of exposure to people that purchase for the school districts. We have made several contacts and feel that we will provide for them in the near future... More importantly, I learned what the needs of the school districts are... Without the Farm to School Conference, we would have never been able to market to them."


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