Active and healthy ageing


The ageing population is a challenge for the future of the city. We need to support older people to remain independent and active as citizens and within the economy as long as possible so allowing them to live more fulfilling lives as well as reducing the impact on public spending and public services. We make sure Bristol is a good place for people to grow old. We also need to explore and develop new ways of providing the support that older people will need. One such innovation in development is the plan to create a supportive mechanism for older people (over 55) to continue in, or re-enter, the job market. This may take the form of a bespoke older people’s employment agency offering opportunities to have internships working with partner organisations and companies.

Part of Solutions

  • Improved connectedness for a more participatory culture
  • Improved fairness for greater equality and social cohesion
  • Improved livability for health and wellbeing

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