City Office partnership for cross-cutting, complex issues


The Mayor is committed to setting up a new City Office to tackle cross-cutting, complex issues through a shared approach to strategic leadership with the ability to deliver tangible outcomes through targeted projects. It will aim to help collective actions, help to remove barriers to change and connect with new people in new ways. The City Office will provide a strong focus and coordination role for the excellent partnership working that is already well-developed in the city. For example, it will work closely with existing groups such as the Bristol Green Capital Partnership (BGCP) which is an independent leadership organisation founded in 2007. It has more than 850 member organisations, ranging from businesses and the public sector to charities & community organisations. It is currently working on a range of projects towards its vision of ‘a sustainable city with a high quality of life for all’.

Part of Solutions

  • Improve agility of decision-making
  • Improved connectedness for a more participatory culture
  • Improved fairness for greater equality and social cohesion

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