Adapt the region’s infrastructure systems


Infrastructure systems are vital to making our city run. Across the region, New Yorkers rely on infrastructure systems every day to light and heat their homes, obtain drinking water, get to work, and access information. However, these infrastructure assets require regular repairs and upgrades to remain operable and adapt for resiliency. The City will, therefore, continue to pursue programs to coordinate investments across agencies and other infrastructure providers.

The City commits to repairing critical infrastructure systems damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, while mitigating future climate risks through billions of dollars in funds from FEMA's public assistance grant program. The City is providing a required local match of funds in order to secure these resources.

Working with other regional partners, the City will invest in the resiliency of its transportation infrastructure, including ferries, tunnels, movable bridges, traffic signals, and streets, through the elevation or dry-proofing of facilities and systems, the hardening of conduits, enhanced continuity of operations planning, and mitigation strategies, such as hardening of street ends and green infrastructure for storm water management.

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