Peace Training


In the classes and workshops everyday is a good day for peace. Since 1996, AIL has included peace messages in all of its classes and all of its workshops. Its focused leadership and peace workshops emphasize how to discuss issues with others in a peaceful way. The participants are trained to work to resolve conflicts in their daily lives in a peaceful, non-confrontational way.

In the areas where AIL has been working over the last 15 years, community members, who are now educated and have improved health, are also learning to work together and to solve their problems peacefully. Most Afghans want peace, not conflict. As they work together in this way, their peaceful resolutions become a model for others and peaceful resolutions, rather than conflict, grow. "Peace is every one’s need and it is every body’s responsibility to work hard to bring peace"

Part of Solution

  • Rebuilding Post-bellum Education, Health, and Training