Envision Tomorrow Housing Analysis Tools


"The Envision Tomorrow suite of planning tools includes models that analyze housing supply and demand, and track potential displacement of affordable housing. These tools can track housing and equity issues at a regional, local, or site-by-site basis. The Envision Tomorrow Balanced Housing Model allows users to highlight mismatches between supply and demand for different housing types and provides a set of housing targets based on a user-provided population forecast. The Corridor Housing Preservation Tool tracks development pressure and potential loss of affordable housing within transit-served corridors. At the site-level, the versatile Prototype Builder allows users to model affordable housing schemes and test various types of public financing."
Text from: http://envisiontomorrow.org/housing/
This is a detailed feature of another building block: https://cities.sphaera.world/solutions/tools-for-land-transportation-economy-environment-interconnectivity/building-blocks/envision-tomorrow

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